Every year, HKDCS provides internship opportunities for university students to arouse their awareness about Hong Kong cetaceans and marine environments so that they can become future specialists in environmental science and conservation. Students may take part in this internship program during summer/winter vacation, or at other available time.

DUTIES:   The main duty of interns is to participate in conservation work of Chinese white dolphins and finless porpoises. Interns have to assist HKDCS in organising public awareness activities (e.g. dolphin-watching trips, exhibitions and/or seminars).They may also tag along with the research team for boat and land-based survey to observe dolphins and watch their habitat in order to enhance understanding to the threats they are facing and their plight. There are also opportunities for interns to conduct their own small-scale conservation projects under the supervision of HKDCS officer.


◦  Age 18 or above; non-smoker

◦  Undergraduate or graduate students majoring in Biology, Environmental Science, or other related subjects

◦  Enthusiastic about cetacean and marine conservation

◦  Able to work outdoors and in harsh outdoor conditions

◦  Responsible, independent and able to work well with others in a team environment


◦  For successful completion of the internship programme, students are required to participate on a full-time basic for up 2 to 3 months (as a minimum period)

◦  Interns must submit weekly journals as well as a final report upon completion of the internship programme. They are considered to complete the programme successfully only if their final reports have been submitted and approved.

◦  HKDCS will not provide accommodation, meals and salary for interns. Interns can also request a letter of certification and / or recommendation letter from HKDCS if their performance is satisfactory.

HOW TO APPLY:   Interested students can send their curriculum vitae and a statement of interest in no less than 300 words (either in Chinese or English) to HKDCS Chairman, Mr. Taison Chang ( and,  and request arrangements for an interview. In the statement of interest, please explain why you are interested in the Intern Programme, what you would expect from the programme, as well as your view(s) on cetacean conservation in Hong Kong.

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