FAQs on Whales and Dolphins

The world of whales and dolphins is fascinating to many. Even after years of research, scientists are only beginning to discover the details of the mysterious life of these ocean-dwelling mammals. When we meet students and the general public during educational seminars, we get many interesting questions about whales and dolphins. With your feedback, HKDCS has compiled all your questions and answered them in this FAQ section. Please take a look at the list of questions and see how many you can provide an answer to. Have fun!

Download PDF – 20 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Dolphin or Whale?
  • In Group or Alone?
  • How to See?
  • How to Hear?
  • What and How to Eat?
  • Do They Taste Food?
  • How to Drink?
  • How to Mate?
  • How to Sleep?
  • How to Play?
  • How to Protect Themselves?
  • How Many Teeth?
  • How Large Are Newborns?
  • How Old Do They Get?
  • Do They Have Twins?
  • Do They Cry?
  • Why Do They Sing
  • Why Do They Always Smile?
  • Do They Attack Human?
  • What Is a Blow?