What a joyful week!

What a joyful week!

Saturday, 8 November 2014

I would like to pick some pieces in this week to share with you all. On Tuesday (4 November 2014), Perry, Yuki, Heyman and I conducted boat surveys at Northeastern and Northwestern of Lantau Island. At the very beginning, we got much fun and excited as Mrs. Ng caught a dying Flathead mullet in the nearby pier of Sham Tseng (Ma Wan Pier). Look! Such fish was around a double of the length of my hand. Most pleasantly, Mrs. Ng and her husband could have one more delicious dish for their dinner. Ha…Ha…..

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Photos above show how lucky we are today (4 November 2014)


Luck did appear within two days!  We conducted land-based survey at Tai O on Wednesday so as to examine the impacts of dolphin-watching and fishing activities. The advantage of this survey method is to collect information on undisturbed behaviors of Chinese White Dolphins. How happy we were!

There were 9 groups of dolphins we could observe at this station that day. When an individual dolphin or group of dolphins was located via the theodolite, and focal follow methods were then used to track the dolphins. A focal individual was selected within a group for further tracking its behavior and movement. We also recorded the detailed information about the selected individual or group every 5 minutes including the group size, behavioral state data (i.e.resting, milling, traveling, feeding and socializing) until the dolphins were lost from the view. It is another type of experience to watch such lovely pink dolphins without any disturbances.

The scenery at Tai O is good and you can enjoy the seafood restaurants and the traditional salted fish, shrimp paste and storefronts at Tai O. I highly recommend all of you to have a relax trip at Tai O with your family and friends at weekends.

Heyman and I tasted the yummy steamed buns at the end of our survey

Heyman and I tasted the yummy steamed buns at the end of our survey


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