Thank You British Porpoise

Thank You British Porpoise

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

It’s time to say goodbye…
It feels like only yesterday I first laid eyes on a Chinese White Dolphin, but it has already been 2.5 months. Where do I start?… First and foremost in terms of work I was able to go on effort for around 2 weeks during boat surveys. It was exhilarating to be allowed on effort but I did feel pressure to find a dolphin or porpoise. It was not for myself. I just wanted to have sightings so I didn’t seem inept at my job and inaccurate future data. Luckily before I left I managed to have a Porpoise sighting! As it was my one and only sighting I declare that porpoise a British one! Luckily Perry saw the porpoise too so it wasn’t an illusion, unlike Yuki’s sighting (only joking). I kept a 100% record of having sightings every time doing boat surveys which was awesome. During my time here I have been to so many places such as Mui Wo and Cheung Chau which were all new to me.

Now it is time to move on to the main part of the article…the People. It was amazing seeing dolphins and porpoises but it is the people I spent my time with that made this internship such an unforgettable experience. I need to go through everyone one by one to show my appreciation and complete respect for them.

  • Tiffany: The former intern turned full time staff. She made me feel comfortable from the beginning, sharing her intern experiences with me from the beginning. Amazing attention to detail and such a caring personality (maybe the only sensible one left). Thanks for your help and the chocolate lava cake it was delicious!
  • Yuki: Very talkative and easy to get along with. Struck up conversations from the first time meeting her helping me settle in, an incredibly sweet and lovely girl. Also the queen of slang (and sometimes food) as she taught me all these new words. Thanks for everything and your slang haha
  • Heyman: Where do I begin? Apart from eating huge amounts of food at an extremely slow place and having one of the most distinct laughs I’ve ever heard, she is generally a normal person. Also very helpful and a genuinely nice individual. Thanks for the help and great times
  • Taison: Honestly a great guy. Quietly funny and loves all things pretty. Taught me mostly all of the acoustics survey procedures as he was the main man in this area. Easy going and relaxing persona make him easy to work with. Thank you for making everything so enjoyable.
  • Karen: The first member of the team I met personally even before Samuel. Like the older sister of the other girls, she can sometimes have quite a task in controlling them. Also an eager teacher helping me in so many aspects. Thanks for the teachings.
  • Lung: Sadly I only knew ah Lung for 2 weeks but it is important acknowledge all his input and effort. Was first to teach me how to be the computer operator and scanner during land based surveys giving me so much information. Thanks and good luck for the future.
  • Perry: Another great guy who is also very fun. However supports all the sports teams I absolutely hate! My only advice to him and Vincent is to start supporting the best team in the world, Arsenal. Thank you for teaching me about boat and land surveys.
  • Vincent: The veteran of the group who went through everything with me in the beginning. Apart from a great memory at recognising dolphins, I found out on my last day he has some of the quickest reaction I’ve witnessed. Thanks for your guidance and knowledge.
  • Samuel: The guy that made this all happen! I’m so grateful for my acceptance into HKDCS, part of my life that would be hard to forget. He has created such a fantastic working environment for everyone to enjoy. Thank you for the having me and all your meals.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the very best! I consider you all my first group of friends in HK and I had a great time with you all. Although I might not have shown it because of my boring personality (even my mum says I’m boring) I was enjoying your company. Even a person as emotionless as me felt a bit of sadness on the last day, I will definitely miss you all! I’m sure we will meet again very soon. I guess this is goodbye then.


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