Summer Time!

Summer Time!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

So, working at HKDCS already requires us to be outdoors a lot a thus we all get tanned especially since it is summer. One intern especially, cough *Natalie*, has received a lot of comments about her new look! But to be honest all of us have gotten darker. In spite of this, a few of us decided to take a trip to the beach for a full day! 6 of us (Perry, Taison, Yuki, Heyman, Natalie and I) went to Sai Kung Tai Long Sai Wan for the day to relax and enjoy the day. I also took them to a waterfall near by which we could jump in and bravo to everyone as we all took a leap of faith and jumped in from the rocks above. Photo’s will be coming soon once Yuki has them ready! We ended the day with a great dinner and were joined by Phoebe, Tiffany, Karen and Elise.

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As a side note, 5th of August is also a special day for one of the staff members. Vincent and his wife celebrate the safe arrival of their baby twins. Congratulations! All the interns and staff wish you good luck with everything!


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