I’ll be back!

I’ll be back!

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Hi everyone, it’s me again~ It has been some time since I updated my last blog. Time flies and I have already completed my internship with HKDCS. I had a really good time with all the full time and interns in the past two month, and of course, with the lovely dolphins!

The past two month is probably my most substantial summer I have ever had. Though it is a little bit demanding physically, I am so glad and want to thank Samuel for giving me this amazing opportunity to join the HKDCS family. I could still recall how excited I was when I saw HKDCS on the list of internship companies provided by my school. I have dreamt of and wanted to work with marine animals so badly as I am really found of them, and here came my chance!

I would never forget what I have done and learnt in the past two months. We had created so many good memories together and I really enjoyed the surveys. Both boat and land based surveys provide me a rough idea of how marine animals related surveys are conducted as the principle behind should be similar. Being involved in part of the survey gives me a chance to find out whether I want to be in part of this industry or not in the future, which I was really confused about. No one knows what will happen in the future but experience I gained this summer would definitely influence my decision to be made.

I definitely will, and already am, missing the lovely staff and interns. I am a very shy person which doesn’t like to express much about my feelings. Yet, I am really thankful to have you all (both staff and interns) accompanying me this summer. Really love you all and look forward to seeing you in December!

Love ya <3


P.S I am already missing the dolphins (crycry)

A lovely photo of the four interns ;)

A lovely photo of the four interns 😉

Farewell dinner yumyumyum

Farewell dinner yumyumyum


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