Hi all, I am the third summer intern, Natalie.

Hi all, I am the third summer intern, Natalie.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

First of all I would like to apologise for writing this post so late- I am already more than halfway through my internship… MANY things have happened in the past two months and i won’t bore you with too much details. I willl just start by introducing myself and briefly recapping what have happened since I started working with the HKDCS.
I am a BA Geography undergraduate who have just finished second year of study at the University of Sussex in the UK. This summer I have come back to Hong Kong especially for this internship and also to collect data for my final year dissertation.
If you haven’t already read the previous posts written by Tiana and Phoebe, with a total of more than 15,000 comment forms collected before midnight last Saturday, the 30 Third Runway Victims campaign came to a perfect end at the book fair. Everyone worked so hard through these 30 days including the staff and all the dolphin guardians (the volunteers). Never had I imagine myself participating in a campaign like this, and there I was, handing out paper fans in the 30 victims t-shirt and talking to random people till my throat was sore. It was truly a big step out of my comfort zone and a discovery of what I am capable of.
That’s all for now, i will talk more about the fieldworks in the next post. Sorry i havent been able to write much about my experience- i hope the following photos will make it up to you!
nat blog 1

one of our mysterious staff looking for dolphin during a boat survey

nat blog 2

rallying for the Chinese white dolphin

nat blog 3

View of West Lantau from the Shum Wat theodolite station


nat blog 4

the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macau Bridge construction as seen from the Shum Wat theodolite station

nat blog 5

another mysterious staff contemplating the meaning of life under the melting heat during a land-based survey

nat blog 6

getting ready for the 7 1 demonstration- look how beautiful our t-shirts are!

nat blog 7

leading a school trip to see the dolphins- stopping at Sha Chau

nat blog 8

boat survey- the primary observer and the data recorder

Lastly, enjoy a video clip of the Chinese white dolphins I took on my first boat survey!

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