Hey guys, Stephanie here

Hey guys, Stephanie here

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Hey guys, Stephanie here!! I’m back in Australia now and only left with sweet memories and friendships from this internship. Sorry about the late post, I didn’t want this internship to end and sending this in meant it has ended. Viena has waited quite patiently, hahaaa. So here goes.

Things that I tried to follow as an intern. And maybe others.

  1. Reread the report, everything will make sense. The figures are good for mastering geography and knowing where the dolphins and porpoise hang out.
  2. NEVER be late. The surveys at Aberdeen starts at 9am, not 9.30.
  3. Always wear sunscreen, you still burn on cloudy days. Especially when you fall asleep.
  4. Ask questions, the team don’t bite.
  5. Read journals, books, watch documentaries, basically stay on top of any news related to cetaceans.
  6. Hand in your journals on time. And your final report. Capisce?
  7. When you forget your camera, you lose a day of taking photos of majestic dolphins. AND possibly porpoises. SO BRING YOUR CAMERA!!
  8. Speak Cantonese if you can, otherwise English is fine, it’s like the team’s mother tongue.

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Thai food outing

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Yoga times

A quick background of and thanks to the team.

Samuel. He’s the boss. Don’t freeze up when you see him. He is your average bloke that is keen on dolphins. Listen to what he says during interviews and his lectures. The talk is where I got inspiration to be more of a cetacean enthusiast. Thank you for dealing with my unorganised work and giving me this remarkable opportunity.

Vincent. He is the big bro. A pro at photo ID of the dolphins and the theodolite. Treats us to tofu dessert. His music choice is pretty good. Purposely took me to Shek Kwu Chau to survey porpoises even though he was sick and very tired. Thanks bro, other than learning about HZMB from you, I enjoyed learning about the primary school system, Chan Bak Keung is not Roman Tam and how SKC may have a garbage disposal.

Taison. Veganism, ice-skating, volleyball, Frisbee, gym, the sports list goes on. He taught me the theory behind line transects and the calculations from our data. Always has the answers to your questions, especially for interviews or reporter’s questions. Thanks KT, for reminding me to change the beaufort and finding us vegan places to eat at during office days.

Leon. Postgraduate who juggles part-time uni and work. Loves to run. Always starts on effort first as the data recorder and loves to sleep in his sleeping bag on break. At the office, he calculates very quickly and puts the data excel even faster. I think we bonded over our cute Aussie possums and thanks for yelling at me, LZL.

Viena. Miss Mak is full of love, a dreamer at times and always looking for snacks. The biggest helping hand who broke the ice for me as I joined in on teasing her. You influenced me to think like you and raising questions on what was wrong with captivity. Thank you for taking me to all the meet up points, keeping me company with tofu desserts and being funny in everything you say.

Robin. Canadian who has Goofy’s laugh. Only one week of our internship overlapped, but interns stick together and you always pointed out the positives on every social, political or environmental issue. Showing you the ropes was like going down memory lane for me, so thanks. Since I have finished, thank you for continuing to update me about your surveys and cetacean news.

See you guys soon,



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