Hello everyone! I am Yu

Hello everyone! I am Yu

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Hello everyone! I am Yu, one of the research interns in this hot summer! I have currently finished Associate Degree education and will continue my study in Environmental Science at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. I realise this major is not as popular as Business in Hong Kong, yet this is my interest. But since the syllabus in my AD program only provide me a brief introduction to environmental conservation, I thus would like to spend my long summer vacation in a more meaningful and fruitful way. HKDCS is definitely and undoubtedly a choice for you to understand the current cetacean situation in HK!:D

Yesterday was my last boat survey and marked the end of my two-month internship. In these two months, I have participated in land based surveys (both at Tai O and Sham Wat), boat surveys, an educational talk in a primary school, book fair, as well as office work. Every single involvement has given me a precious opportunity to know more about how the expert team works. Before being an intern here, I only know about the general roles of the NGOs in HK, like public education, fund-raising…blablabla, there are actually something more than that indeed! Interacting with the research team here not only allow me learning the surveying skills, but also figuring out the stories of each of them. Someone is a vegan, someone turned someone into a vegetarian, and most of them do not eat much meat. They are not only named conservationists, but act in the way of conservationists!

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Best way to kill the sun!


It’s so called “pai pai lak”

Among all activities I have involved, the most memorable one would be the joint campaign with LUSH and Green Sense. It was my first time to promote conservation matters to the public. There were undoubtedly lots of people ignored us, but there were also inspiring people:) I would like to share the interaction between me and a group of English speakers. Indeed, throughout that night, I avoided approaching the English speakers as I afraid I could not explain to them thoroughly about the campaign and answer their queries. But after the chat, what I learnt was: not to deny yourself at the beginning! I enjoyed the chat with them and that night was really a breakthrough to myself to try out a two-hour public education (which I always want to:P) and even speaking in English.

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The night for public education

Not only surveying skills I have gained in this internship, the team has changed my attitude in environmental conservation. I would like to thank all of the staff for guiding me and treating as one of the family members here!

Bye for now!


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