Book Fair :)

Book Fair :)

Monday, 22 July 2013

It was so fun to work for book fair. Though the task was not related to dolphin conservation, it was actually so interesting.

On Tuesday, I was responsible for the preparation work of our booth.  I transported books from office to the venue with a porter who was so nice to me. I even learnt how to give commands for assisting a driver to park the truck. And I gladly did it.  The books we sold varied greatly. Most of them were about natural science, such as insects, butterflies, dolphins. Some were about hiking, climate and urban development.

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After a whole day preparation, we finally finished.Wow!

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At the beginning, I studied the content of those books and learnt to introduce them to customers. I also observed how the workers from other societies communicated with customers. Some of them are the writers of the books and some are professional in a particular area of natural science. They really made good use of their professional knowledge to attracted customers’ attentions. I was amazed by how they chatted with and educated customers so skilfully.

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After observing how they worked, I felt a bit guilty that I was not knowledgeable enough about nature science and my introduction was comparatively boring. This showed a great need that I need to learn more not just about dolphins but also about many different areas.

It was so great to learn from this interesting task which was totally different from my routine. By the way, if you are interested in natural science, please feel free to visit our booth or purchase our books at book store. XD

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