Day 2 Sausage


Hi Everyone! I am Sausage, also known as WL46 to the scientists. You must be curious about what happened to my dorsal fin, most people are when they first me.

A couple years ago, when I was trying to catch fish that got away from fishing nets, I accidently got injured by the fishing hooks. It was a close call but luckily I got away. Now I have a permanently disfigured dorsal fin (which looks like a sausage and hence my name) which constantly reminds me not to get too close to fishing nets again. However, asides from my unique dorsal fin, I also have juvenile grey spots on my back as I am still young and active!

I used to live in mainland China waters, however the water pollution there from all the chemicals released by factories was so bad that I decided to move to Hong Kong in 2005. You can say I am an immigrant. Life here is not that easy either, there used to be a lot of fishing boats which left little fish for me to hunt. This stopped in 2013 but my food supply is still at a shortage. My friends and I spend day and night hunting all over West and North lantau waters for just enough fish for us to survive.

Then suddenly, brown pillars started to appear in the waters we passed during our travels between west and north lantau waters during 2013. We did our best to swim between these unknown obstacles but the situation only got worse. Not only are the number of pillars increasing and forming a long wall, big machines have also started to drill at the sea bed. The noise that those machines make is agonizing. We found out that the humans are building a really long bridge which goes right through our traveling paths. Currently, we are managing to squeeze through certain gaps to try avoid the construction but the humans seem to be up to even more destruction. It is rumoured that they want to reclaim land for a third airport runway. This doesn’t just pose as an obstacle in our path, it is going to eradicate our path! How are we supposed to travel to and from West and North lantau waters if they fill the path with sand, rocks, cement and who knows what?

I moved to Hong Kong because I heard that Hong Kong had more safe open waters for us dolphins to thrive in. Its so difficult to get from place to place now. Some dolphins in Hong Kong are considering migrating to the mainland China’s polluted waters as a last resort. It seems like nowhere is safe anymore. Where should we go? Where can we go?


Flaws of Third Runway EIA Report (2)

Shau Chau and Long Kwu Chau Marine Park has always been the most important Chinese white dolphin habitat in North lantau waters. It would be logical to assume that near by waters and treated as buffer zone and developed with caution. However, there have only been increasing vessels and other disturbance. The proposed reclamation area for the third runway is dangerously close to the marine park ( less than 1km). It is going to negatively impact the purpose of the marine park as dolphin movement near by will be greatly restricted.



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