Day 19 Explorer


Hong Kong Waters Tour Guide, buy one get one free! Come have a look at tour guides! Hi there, do you want a tour guide? It’s only 3 Croakers (fish) and it’s buy one get one free. Isn’t that a great deal!

I am the great might Explorer also known as WL05 by the scientists. There is no other dolphin that knows Hong Kong’s water as well as I do. For my whole life I’ve been roaming around and writing travel blog and guides. Just ask around, everyone knows that I’ve published numerous travel guides. You should buy one! Please! Business has been been really bad lately and I’m barely able to support myself. To be completely honest with you, no one buys more tour guides anymore. Everything about North Lantau water is incorrect and the change is happening so fast that I can’t keep up with it in my guides.

Just swim up and have a look yourself. Where there used to be open waters, is reclaimed land such as the Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities. One of my recommended spots, the Brothers Island, is almost impossible to get to. Asides from all the high speed ferries coming out of the Sky Pier, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge is under construction. Millions of pillars are rising from the the sea bed day by day making navigation difficult. The noise pollution caused by all the construction and transportation vessels hardly makes it the safe haven I knew it as. I don’t think many dolphins go back to The Brothers Island anymore, maybe a few who are especially nostalgic about the area but it’s really too dangerous. At least my guides managed to capture the beauty of what North Lantau used to be like. Maybe others will want to read my guides to reminiscence part of the wonderful home we used to have. If it wasn’t to make a living, I really wouldn’t go against my conscience to sell my guides.

At least there is still the restriction zone north of the airport which the dolphins can make use of at night. Thats one thing about North Lantau that is still true in my guide. It’s a great place to hunt and play at night! ……What did you just say? That is going to be taken away as well for a third runway? What are all the North Lantau dolphins going to do? If 650 hectares of sea is going to be reclaimed, the Pinky Road to the Brothers Island is going to be completely blocked. All the dolphins can’t be expected to stay in Sha Chau and Lung Kwu Chau Marine Park! It’s already crowded as it is. And imagine all the space construction and transportation boats that will take up. When that happens my books will really be the last of what remains of used to be beautiful North Lantau waters. How on earth will the dolphins avoid this disaster? Oh may the spirits bless us.



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