Day 18 Mickey


I am NL98 or otherwise known as Mickey because of my rounded dorsal fin that looks like Mickey Mouse’s ear. My son is Hopper, I don’t know if I should describe him as thick headed or strong willed.

He keeps going on about being friends with humans. Its silly and naive but I really admire his determination.

After hearing about plans of a third airport runway, I immediately told a few of my friends that we needed go in search of new habitat if this was going to be ruined. With much support, went to mainland china waters as a group to try find more suitable habitat. By the way, I’ve heard that some humans from the Environmental Protection Department said they have plans to enlarge our marine park to aid or travels between Hong Kong and mainland China water. In actual fact, we’ve never had much trouble traveling between these two places and don’t need to be helped this way. Those humans seem to think too highly of themselves.

Anyways, back to our mission. We first had a look around Lingding bay because we heard that the “protected area” there would do us good. However, it seems that mainland “protected areas” are also “developable areas”.  The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge is going to run straight through the protected area. And must I say that bridge is huge; the portion we see in Hong Kong is only a tiny section of what extends all the way to Macau. Construction happens at full pace and the excruciating echos of the pillar construction were deafening. We moved on roaming around the Pearl River Delta but we found nothing but heavily polluted water. Household and industrial waste was carelessly being emptied into the waters and  reek forced us to leave.

By this time, everyone was hungry and we were so glad to see some fishing boats. Its always great fun catching all the fish that escape the nets.  To our surprise, the fishermen did not use nets but blast fished instead. It left the sea bed bare and the trawlers missed nothing with their nets except the sand.

We returned to Hong Kong waters with great disappointment and starving stomachs. All the dolphins that went on the trip agreed that none of the mainland waters are not suitable to live in. The condition of Hong Kong waters is definitely not getting better but we have no where to escape to. The humans put us on a path that only has a dead end. Hopper, I thought you said dolphins and humans could be friends, is this going to be true?


Flaws of the Third Runway EIA report (18)

The EIA report mentions the possible establishment of a marine park in 2023 will benefit the already existing marine parks and the protected Chinese White Dolphins areas in mainland China waters and connect the two areas. This is misleading as CWD have always been swimming between the two places and don’t need a new marine park there to be able to. Secondly, construction work is not prohibited within the so called protected areas and the development of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge has already severely damaged the environment and makes the aim of a protected area obsolete. Lastly, mainland China waters have been heavily polluted and overfished much more than that of Hong Kong waters. Thus suggesting that the CWD can migrate to mainland China waters during the construction of the third runway is impractical and nonsensicle.



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