Day 14 Blast


I see you have noticed my various medals and trophies. Those were from my deep diving career. It was actually how I got my name “Blast” (though the scientist know me as a NL295)

I could hold my breath so long that when I resurfaced I would blast out so much air from my blow hole. Amazing isn’t it? I know.

However I’ve long retired since then. No one deep dives as a career anymore. Why? That’s a stupid questions. Just look around. There’s nowhere to practise anymore. North lantau waters used to be the prime place to practise and play around, however more and more vessels have been going through our waters. After a long dive, we need to replenish air for a longer period of time and the increase of high speed ferries made it various dangerous as they can appear out of nowhere when we surface. There was also a sudden appearance of countless construction and transportation vessels. I later found out this was for the reclamation of the Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facility or something. The construction boats are parked on the waters and leave no space for us. Not just for diving, for anything.

There are few open water areas left for the dolphins to use to the north of Lantau. One of these is the restriction zone north of the airport. Though it would be an undisturbed place for diving, others need it for hunting and play. Thus my champion days are a tale of the past. I am willing to giving up a sport if it means that all of us dolphins have a place to live.

Now however, that sacrifice may have been in vain. Humans are planning to reclaim the open waters north of the current airport for a third airport runway. Have they not taken away enough of our sea? We already gave them 938 hectares for the current airport. Not to mention the all the other projects such as Disney land and reclamation in Tuen Mun. And the current Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge. Now they want to reclaim another 650 hectares. Do they even need a third runway? I’m pretty sure the current two runways are not used to their full potential. Plus, Hong Kong is already packed as it is, do humans not feel overwhelmed by the lack of space they have? We dolphins surely do.

Please give us space to live. Please don’t destroy what remains of our home. Can you help save us?


Flaws of the Third Runway EIA report (14)

Even though the Airport Authority provided proofs the high speed ferry traffic has affected the dolphins, they deliberately avoid to mention the correlation between the increase of high speed ferry traffic volume from Sky Pier and the decrease in dolphin abundance.



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