Day 21 Smoothie


You don’t know who I am? Just look at my skin and you’ll know why I’m called Smoothie. The scientists identify me as NL244 but I much rather you call me Smoothie.

I am the most renowned gastronomist within the dolphin community. The radiant glow my skin gives off is the proof that I only choose the most fresh and nutritious fish to eat. Sorry of the glow hurts your eyes.

It’s not that difficult actually. Just follow the natural cycle and eat what is in season. It doesn’t matter if you favour Yellow Croakers, Bombay Ducks, Lion Fish or any type of fish for the matter, they all have their seasons. You only need to eat whatever is in season and naturally you will always get the best fish.

Let’s talk a little about the seafood culture in Hong Kong especially with fish. A lot has happened over the past two decades. Hong Kong used to be a famous fishing village and Chek Lap Kok Island was where it all began. Just pick anything and you’d have a good meal. Dolphins that grew up with me that are all healthy and well. It wasn’t too much of a difficult life. However, as the fishermen started using nets, trawlers and other damaging fishing methods, fish became scarce. All adults and juvenile fish were caught by humans without giving the stock a chance to recover. Humans don’t know how to use nature’s resources efficiently at all. It’s a sad situation which leaves us dolphins having to try catch the odd fish that managed to slip through the net.

Let me give you a tip. Lung Kwu Chau, Sha Chau, Tai O and other places known to still have stock left won’t be good fishing grounds for amateurs because everyone else will already be there. Try some of the more unpopular places for some luck. For example, the waters north of the airport can be quite rewarding especially at night when there are less vessels around. With a bit of luck you can have yourself a Yellow Croaker feast. Do be careful though, the North Lantau waters have become quite dangerous and don’t go during the day. You won’t want to pay the price of being run into by a high speed ferry. The fish isn’t worth dying for like that. Also, you better go when you still can. The humans want to reclaim more land for a third runway and the area will be completely gone. In place will be another construction area with countless transportation and construction vessels. I’ve heard that the affected area during construction will be at least 1000 hectares. We’re going to lose such a nice night hunting spot. It’s a pity.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t come looking for me in the future if you need more help with food related advice. Smoothie will always be able to help you have a healthy and balanced diet that will naturally be reflected by the radiance of your skin!


Flaws of the Third Runway EIA report (21)

In light of the significant impact of Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities reclamation impact on dolphin usage in the nearby potential Brothers Island Marine Park, Airport Authority has underestimated the impact of reclamation to the nearby Sha Chau and Lung Kwu Chau Marine Park, which is even closer.  The impact could be the habitat loss which result in changes in prey resources and water current, increasing amount of construction vessels moving frequently around the marine park boundary, high volume of anchoring vessels that obstruct dolphin movement near marine park, etc.



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