Day 6 Knobby


Are you curious about a dolphin’s nightlife? Yes we are usually out all night long, but no, we are not crazy party animals. My name is Knobby, because of the bump and dents or me dorsal fin, or NL224 (what the scientists call me)

You will find me with other dolphins roaming around north lantau waters most often in the area north of the airport.

Some humans think that dolphins are like them; active during the day and sleep during the night. This misunderstanding is probably because humans only observe us during the din. In actual fact, night time is when we dolphins really come out to play.

During the day, ships congest the waters north of lantau which make it very difficult for us to hunt or play. We usually reside to safer waters such as those west of lantau to avoid all the noise and ships. Most of the time we are taking it easy and resting. Once night falls, the games begin. There are now less ships and they also travel slower which allow us to begin hunting and playing. Even though it is pitch black we can locate our prey which clicking noises and echo detection.

The waters north of the airport is the to go hotspot! There is a 1km restriction zone north of the airport which we conveniently can use in peace as ships are not allowed in that area. It is also the best place to feast on fish.

However, there’s been a rumour going around that humans want to reclaim this area and more for a third runway. If that happens, we will have nowhere safe to hunt and play. We are only able to roam around the waters north of lantau at night because there is less marine traffic obstacles. But if the reclamation of the third runway happens, we won’t have anywhere to go and the ships will be so bunched up that we won’t even be able to hunt or play at night. What are we suppose to do?

How can they do this to us? Do you not realise that you are taking away our last thread of survival?


Flaws of Third Runway EIA Report (6)

The EIA report provides some material that is suggestive that the proposed reclamation area for the third runway is important habitat for the Chinese white dolphins especially during the night. However, the research in the report is lacking and incomplete thus does not fully reflect the significance of this area for the dolphins. Hong Kong airport authority should conduct more comprehensive research regarding how and what the Chinese white dolphins use this area for. The level of impact the this project will have on dolphins should be reevaluated with more evidence before deciding if the reclamation for a third runway should be allowed to take place.



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