Day 13 Suarez


What you looking at miss? Never seen a fight? Get a move on. Do you want to taste of my bite as well?….. What, you want to interview me? Yeah sure, pay me 10 Croakers (fish).

Hunting is no longer play time; sometimes I’ll only manage to get a few fish even after a whole day of hunting.  10 Croakers and you can ask away! Don’t try to run away after the interview, I’ll bite you!!

I’m known as NL210 by the humans or Suarez by the dolphins. And yes it is because I have a biting problem too. Its just play though. I’ve lived a very leisurely life in Hong Kong for the past 10 years. Usually I’m around Long Kwu Chau or socializing with other dolphins north of the airport where the restricted area is. You should drop by one day! I don’t see the need to take all those swimming or hunting classes. You heard of Coach Forky? His classes are a scam! There are more and more high speed ferries coming out from the Sky Pier. You really think that you can master how to avoid those with a class? It’s something innate. You just got to react fast and avoid the vessels. You’ll probably get injured at some point, but be happy you aren’t dead.

Of course I’ve heard about the airport’s third runway! That reclamation is going to ruin our night time hotspot. I try go as often as possible since it’s going to be gone soon but the crowd isn’t always there anymore. They might have swam to mainland China waters, I’m not too sure. But I wouldn’t blame them. Its gotten very noisy around North Lantau from all the vessels and construction going on. Sometimes you can’t even have a proper conversation with someone. Rumours say that after the construction of the third runway, the high speed ferries from the Sky Pier are going to re-route to the north of Lung Kwu Chau. That’s not good news. Other dolphins from North lantau waters will probably be forced to relocated to Lung Kwu Chau. There is is barely enough space and fish for the dolphins are we here, how are we going to share it with others? I haven’t even started about the high speed ferries. The third runway is going to ruin Lung Kwu Chau as well as the rest of North Lantau waters. We either leave or die…Is there anyway we can stop humans from ruining our homes? Can you help us?

A campaign video for “30 Third Runway Victims”? Hmmmm, I’m a little camera shy……unless you give me another 10 or so Bombay Duck (fish). Deal?


Flaws of the Third Runway EIA report (13)

The Airport Authority’s study showed that dolphin avoid the area with high volume of vessel traffic, especially from the Sky Pier, so it was the Airport Authority who cause a further decline in dolphin usage in this important area in the past decade.  To review the full potential of a dolphin habitat in the Third Runway footpring, the Airport Authority should immediately halt the Sky Pier vessel traffic in the Third Runway footprint and nearby waters, and examine the original state of dolphin usage to assess its original importance in this area



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