Day 10 Memory


I’m back again, alone. Everything is so familiar but so foreign at the same time. Chep Lak Kok Island is still here, but its expanded into a large man made island.

The Brothers Island is also still here, but reclamation for a human Border Crossing Facility is taking place close by. My name is Memory and scientists call me NL191. I can’t blame everyone for leaving; the environment has changed so much. Due to reclamation, there is less and less open waters. The natural sea shore have also become concrete embankments. Countless vessels pass through the little open waters left and disturb the peace. Water pollution and construction waste has ruined much of the marine life here; its almost lifeless. Instead, engines and construction noises fill the area and drive us away. But still, I wanted to come back because of something my mother said.

She said that somewhere The Brother Islands she hid a memory capsule. I needn’t be in a rush to find it but I should never forget its existence because it was the most important thing for us dolphins. I haven’t seen my mother these past two years. Not because I don’t want to, but because I have no idea where she is. All I see is high speed ferries and other vessels passing by at astonishing speeds. I can only pray that she wasn’t the victims of one of these vessels. I’ve been in search of the items of memory that my mother hid. I dive to the sea bed to look under each rock and between each cravis, but still nothing. Its the last thing I have of hers. I need to find it.

As I continue my search, the damage that humans are causing near The Brothers Islands cannot be ignored. It makes me nostalgic for the times I spent here as a kid. We swam and played without a care for the world. There were only a few small fishing boats that would cross our paths and they hardly disturbed us. It was our safe haven. It was here my mum taught me to hunt, to hold my breath and to swim. The memories are so vivid like they just  happened yesterday. I can clearly remember every detail and moment I had here with my friends and family. I found it.

The memory capsule was in each of our hearts. It was the memories we had of our safe haven. It reminded us the importance of this place. This safe haven is filled with our memories. Can you help us save it? We need your voice to save our cries.

Note: Researchers periodically conduct line-transect surveys in waters north of lantau. Since all the development projects, dolphins sighting in waters north east of lantau are rare. In the past 6 months, there have only been 8 sightings. One particular dolphin, NL191, was seen in the area alone on 3 separate occasions. He would be seen swimming around The Brothers Island for long periods of time and constantly deep diving, as if he was trying to find something.


Flaws of Third Runway EIA Report (10)

The Airport Authority argues that the loss of dolphin habitat at the third runway is only a small percentage of total dolphin habitat and will only affect a small range of the population.  However, it fails to analysis or discuss the relative importance this area has to the dolphins. There is no  mentioning of percentage of loss in habitats for different activities, such as foraging and traveling.  It is not just about quantity but also quality when evaluating habitat importance.  Moreover, North Lantau habitats are unique and home to many resident dolphins in Hong Kong that belong to the unique social cluster.  A significant loss of habitat in North Lantau waters will induce serious impact on this unique social cluster of dolphins.



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