Day 28 Blackie


Ch: Welcome back to Dolphin TV, I am Cherry. Earlier we managed to catch Captain Crumble who heroically saved a dolphin entangled in a fishing net. Now lets see how our victim is doing.

Hi, how are doing? Could you introduce yourself?

Bl: Yeah sure. I’m Blackie (NL188) and still a young lady. For the most of it I’m much better now. Still a little out of it. If it wasn’t because of Captain Crumble’s I don’t think I would be here right now.

Ch: Everyone worried for you during the rescue and really hoping you’d make it. After, Captain Crumble said that it was very unusual for a dolphin to be caught up inside a net. Would you mind telling us a bit about what happened?

Bl:  To be honest everything happened so fast it was a bit of a blur. My friends and I were feeding in waters between Urmston Road and Sha Chau and Lung Kwu Chau. There were a lot of vessels around but we were only concerned with following the fishing boats and catching the fish that the nets missed. It saves a lot of time of energy needed for hunting. Everything was fine until two high speed ferries started getting really close. I got scared and the distraction must have caused me to slip into the fish net by accident. Everything after that is a haze. I just remembering struggling a lot only to find the net getting tighter and tighter. I’m not sure how long I was trapped for but my friends immediately went to Captain Crumble for help. When Captain Crumble got here, he said I had to trust him and stop struggling. That feeling was terrifying. I started to think about the times when my mother took me to The Brothers Island as a young kid. At that time the ocean was still vast and safe. The humans hadn’t yet damaged our homes with development projects, vessels, water pollution and lowering our food stuck. The problems we face have only been increasingly getting worse. We were trapped anyway. “Maybe I should just give up now. Will I really be free even if I am freed of the net?” These were thoughts I had before Captain Crumble managed to break through the net and get me out. However, he told me to cherish life and not to give up hope.

Ch: It sounds like the incident was a life changing experience for you. Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Bl: Thank you. I want to thank Captain Crumble as I would not be here without him. Also, I really hope for the better that the humans will one day understand that what they are doing is destroying our home. Its destroying the ecosystem. If they don’t stop now, they’ll soon be the ones facing the consequences as well.

Ch: Those are some heavy but true words from Blackie. Brought to you by Dolphin TV with Cherry.


Flaws of the Third Runway EIA report (28)

The EIA report suggested that which method of implementation of Dolphin Exclusion Zone during nighttime is uncertain at this point and will be prepared at the pre-construction stage.  But this should be done before the EIA report is submitted to determine whether such mitigation measure is practicable.



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