Day 22 Captain Crumble


C: Dolphin TV news report. A Chinese White Dolphin has been entangled in a fishing night and might be on its last breath. Captain Crumbles from Dolphin Rescue Team is on his way to help with the rescue.

Here he is. Captain Crumbles, how do you think you will be able to free this CWD?

CC: Today’s situation is a little different. This dolphin managed wrap its whole body within the net. It was probably due to lack of experience and shock. Please excuse me, I must get a move on and help with the rescue mission.

C: Let me take this time to tell you more about Captain Crumbles. Captain Crumbles is the Captain of the North Lantau Dolphin Rescue Team. The scars on his dorsal fin are proves of his experience. Captain Crumbles has been underwater now for quite a while and is trying to calm our victim down to stop him from struggling which would make the rescue more difficult. From the live video, it seems that the  net is very tough and Captain Crumbles isn’t able to bite through it in time. A few other rescuers are helping to left our victim to the surface to give him a few breaths before Captain Crumbles continues. It seems that Captain Crumbles is trying to make a hole at the bottom of the net so the victim can slip through with little effort. The other rescuers are also assisting Captain Crumbles in his efforts. It seems as though they have made progress. Slowly but surely our victim is being freed. Unsurprisingly, the victims seems a little shaken up and need the support of the rescuers to stabilize his condition. He’s luckily escaped without much harm! Lets ask Captain Crumbles what he thought about the rescue. Captain Crumbles, congratulations on the rescue. Do you think it went well??

CC: *Pants* Wait let me catch my breath.  The rescue was very successful but only with the help of my team. With the increase in marine traffic, please beware of where vessels are at all times and be prepared to avoid them when you need to. Also keep in mind that there can be multiple vessels close to you at the same time so be careful not to run into another vessel when avoiding one. Today’s incident could easily happen again so take care to avoid it. Humans have gone a little insane and we must know how to protect ourselves.

C: Thank you Captain Crumbles. We’ll take a break and talk to the victim a little when we’re back. Be sure to join Dolphin TV again with Cherry after the break.


Flaws of the Third Runway EIA report (22)

High speed ferry routes will be altered due to the third runway and EIA report suggests a speed limit for high speed ferries especially in areas where Chinese White Dolphins are often seen. The report itself admits that dolphins are strongly affected by vessel movement, but the airport authority does not appropriately estimate dolphin appearances in various waters. Only day time occurrences are accounted for and the night time occurrences are ignored. The airport authority should include all occurrences before deciding where to reroute the high speed ferries and if they should be allowed to go through areas where dolphins are likely to occur.



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