Day 15 123


Hi everyone! I see there are a lot of other mothers here today.  I am the dolphin the scientists call NL123, aka 123, and mother to a 5 year old son.

Each day, I am very thankful he is growing up to be a healthy boy. It has been known that some mothers have had to suffer unfortunate events after giving birth to young. I’m glad to be able to share so of my experience and offer help to any of you if possible.

I’m sure you’ve heard humans complain about how it takes them 4 million to raise a child. Well dolphins do too. We have to give a million attention to high speed ferries, a second million care to avoid construction areas, a third million effort to focus on our own vocal sounds and a fourth million awareness to all other human activity. As a mother and a permanent resident of North Lantau waters, we seemed to be destined to face endless human harassment. We need to keep an eye out for your kids at all times. In the past decade, our home has been turned upside down. Many have sacrificed and others injured. If we adults are even finding it hard to survive, think about how difficult it is for our kids?

Firstly, be very careful about the high speed ferries coming in and out of the Sky Pier. Their speed and frequency have only been increasing. I would not roam anywhere near their route. It’s impossible to avoid them if they are coming your way. If you really need to be in the area, go at night when the vessels aren’t operating. The numerous construction sites, regardless if they are building bridge pillars or reclaiming land, should also be avoided. Kids don’t know how to recognised and adjust to the sound of the construction. Other vessels such as transportation or construction boats will also often appear near by. The kids haven’t yet to learn that they are dangerous. Lastly, always remind your kid to practise how to focus and rely on their sense of hearing. Be alert at all 14times and keep them within hearing distance; if you lose your kid, you might not be able to find him/her.

Be cautious of humans and their activity, but there’s no need for any animosity but just be careful. We have lived with Hong Kong people for almost a hundred years and can’t deny the bond between us. We can’t blame all of them for this. They have also been under a lot of pressure recently and trying to fight for their survival. Being so caught up with their own situation might have caused them to make uninformed decisions that hurt us. Let us keep trusting them. We need the next generation to know that humans and us are not enemies, we are friends.


Flaws of the Third Runway EIA report (15)

The EIA report is misleading that it has a section on establishment of new marine protected areas ( under construction phase mitigation and precautionary measures.  It is clearly inappropriate to mention a mitigation measure in operation phase under the construction phase mitigation measures.  Also, there is absolutely no evidence that other measures can lessen the impact of 650 hectares of habitat loss during construction while the “short-term residual impacts” can be considered acceptable.



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