30 Dolphin Victim Stories


 NL24 Square Fin

I am a female dolphin known as NL24 by scientists or otherwise “square fin” because my dorsal fin is shaped like a square……


 WL46 Sausage

Hi Everyone! I am Sausage, also known as WL46 to the scientists. You must be curious about what happened to my dorsal fin, most people are when they first me……


 NL139 Ms. Knife

If you ask me whether or not I like Hong Kong, I will tell you I love Hong Kong! We dolphins have lived in these waters for countless generations and this is our home……


 CH34 Ropey

Has anyone seen my child?….where is my child?….She can’t be dead! No! NO WAY! She was just with me the other day! Why would she be dead? Tell me why would she die?……


 NL284 Hopper

My name is Hopper, otherwise known as NL284 by the scientists. As you might have already guessed, I got my name from my ability to jump and play around on the surface of the water……


 NL224 Knobby

Are you curious about a dolphin’s nightlife? Yes we are usually out all night long, but no, we are not crazy party animals. My name is Knobby, because of the bump and dents or me dorsal fin, or NL224 (what the scientists call me)……


 NL156 Coach Forky

Nice to meet you! I am a Coach Forky otherwise known as NL156 by the scientists. You can recognise me by the small split in have on my dorsal fin……


 NL93 Reporter Cherry

Good morning, Cherry, NL93  here with Dolphin TV. Today we have a special report about Hong Kong Airport’s proposed third runway……


 NL33 Marvelous Mum

Hello Everyone! Though the scientists call me NL33, I would like you to call me Marvelous Mum. You wouldn’t have thought I look old enough to be a mother would you?


 NL191 Memory

I’m back again, alone. Everything is so familiar but so foreign at the same time. Chep Lak Kok Island is still here, but its expanded into a large man made island……


 NL242 Mis-Chief

Hi there! Wait wait! Please stay and talk to me! I know there are more dolphins over there, but I’m really lonely and in need of a friend I can confide in. My name is Mis-chief or NL242 by scientists……


 NL18 Shallow Lead Notch

Sorry, what did you say? My hearing has become worse these years, can you speak a bit louder?


 NL210 Suarez

What you looking at miss? Never seen a fight? Get a move on. Do you want to taste of my bite as well?….. What, you want to interview me? Yeah sure, pay me 10 Croakers……


 NL295 Blast

I see you have noticed my various medals and trophies. Those were from my deep diving career. It was actually how I got my name “Blast” (though the scientist know me as a NL295)……


 NL123 123

Hi everyone! I see there are a lot of other mothers here today.  I am the dolphin the scientists call NL123, aka 123, and mother to a 5 year old son……


 NL37 Professor Keyhole

Cherry: Welcome and thank you for tuning into Dolphin Forum. Today we have with us human specialist, NL37, Professor Keyhole. Good evening Professor……


 NL285 Mummy’s Boy

3-July-2014 ~Sunny~
My mum is so annoying, she’s very strict and gives me absolutely no freedom whatsoever……


 NL98 Mickey

I am NL98 or otherwise known as Mickey because of my rounded dorsal fin that looks like Mickey Mouse’s ear. My son is Hopper, I don’t know if I should describe him as thick headed or strong willed……


 WL05 Explorer

Hong Kong Waters Tour Guide, buy one get one free! Come have a look at tour guides! Hi there, do you want a tour guide? It’s only 3 Croakers (fish) and it’s buy one get one free. Isn’t that a great deal!


 NL136 Bracket

Every woman has their BFF and mine is Ms. Knife……


 NL244 Smoothie

You don’t know who I am? Just look at my skin and you’ll know why I’m called Smoothie. The scientists identify me as NL244 but I much rather you call me Smoothie……



NL145 Captain Crumble

Cherry: Dolphin TV news report. A Chinese White Dolphin has been entangled in a fishing night and might be on its last breath. Captain Crumbles from Dolphin Rescue Team is on his way to help with the rescue……



NL226 Peanut

Close your eyes and imagine you are in the middle of the ocean, swimming freely on the surface. You can hear the soft waves and the calls of other animals……


EL01 Hunch Back the Wise

I am one of Hong Kong’s oldest dolphin Hunch Back the Wise otherwise known as  EL01 by the scientists who say I must be at least 40 years old. This is equivalent to around 80 – 90 years in human age……


NL288 Triangle

Have you bought the Explorer’s guide to Hong Kong’s water? If you haven’t make sure you don’t!


 NL165 Black Pearl

Hello and welcome to Dolphin Radio, you are currently tuning into “Life Beings from the Sea Bed”. I am NL165 otherwise known as Black Pearl. It’s ten past two and it seems to be gorgeous night……


 NL104 Snowy

One misty morning
Snow Flake: Mum, where are we going?


 NL188 Blackie

Cherry: Welcome back to Dolphin TV, I am Cherry. Earlier we managed to catch Captain Crumble who heroically saved a dolphin entangled in a fishing net. Now lets see how our victim is doing……


NL221 Ms Chums

Hi Everyone, I am NL221 otherwise known and Ms Chubbs. Thanks for having me today at “Dolphin Singers”. Today I want to perform a song that perhaps you have already heard called “Do You Hear the Dolphins Cry”. Hope you enjoy it……


NL264 Finale Hope

Its drizzling up at the surface but its nothing too serious and the waves are still calm. We’re going to go fishing once my friends get here……