“30 Third Runway Victims” Campaign

In the past decade, the Chinese White Dolphins in Hong Kong face numerous threats, and are battling the adverse impact of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge construction at the moment. The dolphin number has been on a sharp decline going from 158 dolphins in 2003 to only 62 dolphins in 2013. Unfortunately, the Hong Kong Airport Authority claimed that the existing airport will reach its maximum capacity, and they propose to construct a third runway to the north of existing airport, involving massive reclamation of 650 hectares within dolphin habitat. The future survival of many resident dolphins will be seriously affected.

At least 45-50 dolphins routinely use the footprint of the third runway reclamation site as their main habitat, they are the direct victims. As the dolphins cannot speak for themselves, we need to voice out their concerns on their behalf, as they are an integral part of our Hong Kong community. The EIA report of the third runway will be published very soon and enter the stage of 30-day public consultation period.

The “30 Third Runway Victims” by Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society – 30 dolphins are going to tell us their stories, and why they are so concerned about the third runway expansion. They hope the public can give them a hand to submit at least 10,000 personalized comments to the Environmental Protection Department and Advisory Council on the Environment, in order to put pressure on government to scrutinize third runway EIA for the best interest of the dolphins.

To know more “30 Dolphin Victims” and voice out for dolphins, please visit the campaign website and Facebook page.