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The operation of HKDCS is mainly supported through the generous donations from the members of the public and corporate companies. The donations support the research, education and public awareness programmes that engage Hong Kong communities on local and regional dolphin conservation efforts. Our society does not have any full-time staff or administrative costs (which are covered by the HK Cetacean Research Project). Therefore all donations go directly to the actual conservation works organised by HKDCS.

There are several ways to support our research efforts by making a donation to our society:

Donation Methods:

1) Monthly Donation (via PayPal/ credit card)

Click the ‘Donate’ button below and enter your desired amount. To make your donation monthly, please tick the box ‘Make This Recurring (Monthly)’ . You don’t need a PayPal account to use this feature. (3.9% of the donation plus HKD$3.5 charge from paypal will be taken from the donation amount.)

Note: You can cancel a recurring donation via Paypal or email us here.

2) One-off Donation (via PayPal/ credit card)

Click the ‘Add to Cart’ button below after selecting your donation amount. You don’t need a PayPal account to use this feature. Donation contributions via PayPal can be made via PayPal account or a credit card. (3.9% of the donation plus HKD$3.5 charge from paypal will be taken from the donation amount.)

Donation Options
Donation 1 $100.00 HKD
Donation 2 $500.00 HKD
Donation 3 $800.00 HKD
Donation 4 $1,000.00 HKD
Donation 5 $2,000.00 HKD

3) Crossed Cheque

You can make out a crossed cheque made payable to “Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society Limited“, and mail the cheque back to us at G/F, 13 Kak Tin Village Kung Miu, Tai Wai, N.T., Hong Kong.

4) Direct Bank Deposit

You can arrange a direct deposit to our HSBC account (# 126-743673-001), and fax your deposit slip to us at 2866-2652 or email to

5) Other online donation platforms

  • Charitable Choice

You can purchase a gift card through Charitable Choice. The credit value of the gift card can be redeemed through the website of Charitable Choice by making a donation to HKDCS (one of the listed charities).

  • Twopresents

You can also share your birthday celebrations with us through Twopresents. If you or your kids are going to have a party, Twopresents can make celebrations more meaningful by encouraging kids to share their monetary gifts with HKDCS.


  • KidsDressSmart
Cleanup your children’s wardrobe with a purpose! Through children’s designer online consignment store KidsDressSmart (KiDS) you can raise funds for HKDCS by donating the good quality clothes your children no longer need. Schedule a free pickup and KiDS will collect the clothes, select & photograph them and then display on their website to sell them to raise funds to protect the our beloved dolphins.

Tax Exemption

Be sure to include your contact details (your full name, address and contact number) and email us here so we can send you via post mail, a tax deduction receipt for amounts over HK$100 (after paypal charge).

Thank you for your generous donations and support over the years. For more enquiries, please contact us at 2866-2652 (phone), 2357-1373 (fax) or (email).