Seminar / Education Programme

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Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society regularly hosts dolphin talks or seminars for various schools and organisations in either Cantonese or English. Please find below, the list of seminar topics the society can provide. For more details, please contact us at 2866 2652 or email to


◦  Getting to know Chinese white dolphins in Hong Kong

◦  Getting to know finless porpoises in Hong Kong

◦  Whale and dolphin species occurred in Hong Kong in the past

◦  Conservation efforts on Hong Kong cetaceans

◦  Coastal development and their impacts on local cetaceans in Hong Kong

◦  Dolphin-watching activities and their impacts on local dolphins in Hong Kong

◦  Issues on Marine Mammals in Captivity


In this programme, various activities are organized for secondary and primary schools to deepen students’ knowledge toward cetaceans and raise the conservation awareness. This programme targets P3-P6 and S1-S3 students. It is welcomed to join the whole series of activities. However, schools can also choose among the activities to suit the school calendar. Weekend activities are also possible. If you are interested, please email to for enquiries or registration.

1.Roll up stand banner exhibition
Content: Briefly introduce Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society, Chinese white dolphins and finless porpoises
Time: one week
Number of participants: Not limited

2.School talk*
Content:Introduce Chinese white dolphins,  finless porpoises and other cetacean species occurred in Hong Kong; explain the threats and conservation of Chinese white dolphins; introduce the work of Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society
Time: 1 hour
Number of participants: Not limited

3.Movie sharing* (Secondary school only)
Content: Show captivity related movie and explain the issue of dolphins and whales in captivity
Time: 2 hour
Number of participants: Not limited

4. Beach cleaning
Content: Clean rubbish on beaches in order to educate students to protect the environment and learn the issue of marine debris
Time: half day
Number of participants: 40 students

5.Dolphin watching
Content: Watch Chinese white dolphins in Lantau water and learn the code of conduct of dolphin watching activities
Time: half day
Number of participants: 40 students (fee: $100 each); 100 students (fee: $100 each)

* Homework will be assigned.