It’s Dolphin Time!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Hey what’s up everybody!
So this is my first time writing here since joining HKDCS as an intern, so let me introduce myself. I’m Hoson, Chinese from the outside and British from the inside. Born in the UK I have always dreamt of one day working in Hong Kong, which I have achieved now thanks to the HKDCS!

Even though I travel back to HK quite frequently I am still in awe of the natural and artificial landscape. There is nothing in this world that can compare to the HK skyline, definitely a sight to behold. However HK’s natural landscape is nothing to sneeze at, especially since taking the boat with the team around Lantau. I don’t want to go into detail about the work so far as I am still learning, but so far I’ve learnt a lot from the guys here at work. To be continued…

Everyone has been so friendly and helpful and, some of the things they discuss have been very funny. Each member of the team have their own personality and some are…well…emm…special…but in a good way. Although the guys like to joke around a lot at the expense of certain members, they have all been extremely professional when working. The working conditions are not easy at all, which I’m sure is worse in the summer, so props to the guys. Also learnt one of the guys are leaving, so just want to take the chance to thank him for all he’s taught me and good luck to him in the future. All the best..

So far I’ve had many sightings of dolphins and porpoises! I have also seen the various behaviours like breaching, surfing and porpoising. They are indeed fascinating creatures that need to be protected. I’m especially fond of the finless porpoise’s sly and cheeky smile…

Thanks, see you here soon…


Posted by Hoson Leung