G' Day :D!

G’ Day :D!

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Hello hello, so this is my first ever blog entry since I’ve joined the HKDCS family.  Where do I begin!?  I’ll start by introducing myself I guess.  My name is Cherie, I study Zoology in Australia, I applied this internship programme because I didn’t want to waste my holiday doing nothing, plus being able to work a job that is within my discipline would be a great opportunity for me to experience what it is like when I graduate.

      Now that I have been working for roughly three weeks, I am finding myself fitting in quite well, everyone has been more than helpful to me, I have learnt so much since.  For example, scanning dolphins and porpoises with a pair of binoculars, filling in survey effort data sheets, working with other staff as a team.  Most of these skills are not difficult to get a hand on, it may sound cliche, but in my opinion, this is the best job in the world.  It’s a day of work, staying on board on a fairly large yacht, scanning for dolphins without having the slightest chance of getting wet and dirty, seeing dolphins occasionally for free while others have to pay hundreds of dollars to see, getting the chance to admire the fascinating landscape of Hong Kong during dawn and dusk and learning knowledges in which no other job can offer.  However, I cannot say the same for land-based survey, it is less comfy than working on a boat of course.  Most of the stations are pretty remote, so you actually have to walk a couple of kilometres to get there, with equipments weighting a few stones.  Lucky for me, it is winter at the moment, and I am a pretty strong girl, but I bet I won’t be saying the same if I work during the summer period.
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     Apart from the usual boat survey and land-based survey, last week I also had the chance to help at the Hong Kong Diving Resort Travel expo, it was a day of great fun.  Besides giving out questionnaires and educating the public about the resident cetaceans of Hong Kong, I also had the chance to walk around and getting good bargains for diving gears. 😀
Well, I guess I will stop here for now, I will keep you guys updated very soon.
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