Dolphins, I’m coming~!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Hi everyone, I am the Phoebe who mentioned by Tiana before.

Working with Tiana and Natalie makes me feel like I am a Hong Kong people who never go to UK to study, because Tiana is not familiar in reading Cantonese and Natalie looks like foreigner XD
But the only problem is everyone will get confused about which one of us can read Cantonese, and therefore they will ask this question every time “You know how to read Cantonese right?”

Let talk about some interesting moments during my internship.

It is so lucky that I have chance to see dolphin sky-hopping at the second day of my internship and it seems like looking straight into my eyes. During that time, I was searching for dolphins and suddenly one of the dolphins sky-hopping and I  feel so exciting because I never see that so close by my own eyes, I become speechless at that moment. After that, Vincent and Heyman said that I was the only one have eye contact with the dolphins, then I realized I forgot to say hi to the dolphin, if I do so maybe it will remember me and come over every time I go there. (Day-dreaming ><)

Oh yes, another interesting moment is to listen  every single word when others are gossiping quietly, you will get lots of information about everyone including eating habit (some of them like to eat a lot, basically everything while some do not like to eat vegetable XPP) or relationship between different people (so you can laugh or involve when they are gossiping about one particular person)

It is so happy for me to get involve into this big family and just forgive me for not speaking sometimes, this funny working environment makes me feel more comfortable and looking forward to the following months.

Let’s fight together for dolphins in the coming month!!!


Posted by Ka Hei Tse