Day 26 Black Pearl


Hello and welcome to Dolphin Radio, you are currently tuning into “Life Beings from the Sea Bed”. I am NL165 otherwise known as Black Pearl. It’s ten past two and it seems to be gorgeous night.

Perhaps you are tired and relaxing or taking the chance to enjoy our ocean’s serenity at night. Let’s take this time to share our stories which are buried beneath all the noise and chaos we now face every day. Today we have a very special letter that I’d like to share.

“A Letter to Humans”

Dearest Friends:

How are you? Humans and Chinese White Dolphins have known each other since our ancestors settled in Hong Kong. Though we don’t share the same language, we share a similar fate. We need humans to understand something very dear to us and thus have written this letter.

Decades ago, your elders still were able to enjoy the open paddy fields located next to the quiet fishing village, and we had the endless ocean to roam around in. Everyone lived in peace without a care in the world. When the 90’s came around, the human society started to grow. However, land wasn’t endless like the ocean and you need more of it. In order to ensure enough space for your next generation, land was reclaimed from our ocean. The fish were gone and our waters were polluted; the ocean was turning into a graveyard. I don’t know much about what it’s like on land, but once organisms in the ocean disappear; our ecosystem is no longer whole. It saddens me as I see my companions leave one by one but I am also worried about you humans. Mother Nature herself is sick, but it seems humans are so stressed that they haven’t noticed. Will you be able to handle it when you do realize?

The responsibility of managing this world and all the lives on it is a very heavy weight. If we could, we dolphins would give you a helping hand. I wish you would understand that money can’t solve all the problems. No matter how many planes that fly or ships that sail, they can’t take away all the troubles that have been created. Our home is already scattered with metal pillars and filled with cement. All the reclamation is destroying our home. This world has limited resources and we have to learn how to share them. If you keep development as a priority to conservation our fate will take a bad turn and there will be more turning back from that destiny. Humans are the world’s keepers. It’s not too late to stop for a while and listen to all our cries. Listen to Mother Nature’s calls. We rely on you. We need your help.

Yours truly,
Dolphin Companions

This is a very touching letter. I spoke for a lot of us dolphins and we really hope the humans hear our cries. The beauty of our homes around Penny’s Bay, The Brothers Island, Chep Lak Kok and even some of Lantau Island now only exist as memories in books and history. Even I myself had to escape to West Lantau waters. The humans seem to be lost and taken a bad turn in life. If only we could help them out. Whatever the reason, I believe that we all know that humans are our friends. We’ve come to an end to today’s program but before we leave there’s a song that I’d like everyone to listen to you and I dedicated to each and every one of our human friends as well.

Do you hear the dolphins cry
Crying for all that they have lost…


Flaws of the Third Runway EIA report (26)

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge construction has already caused the population numbers surrounding the Brothers Island to almost disappear completely. The Highways Department of Hong Kong predicts that the construction will end in 2016 and will establish the waters surrounding the Brothers Island as a marine park so Chinese White Dolphin population can recover. However, these are all assumptions without any proof. In addition, the Airport Authority wants to start the construction of the third runway in 2016 as well. This will decimate any hope of dolphins coming back to North East Lantau waters as the runway construction will do much more damage than what the bridge construction has already brought to Hong Kong’s marine life. The government also plans to reclaim more land by Siu Ho Wan and Sunny Bay. All of these projects will cause a huge cumulative impact on marine life especially Chinese White Dolphins yet the EIA report does not consider this at all. All these constructions overlap and the effects of their projects are magnified due to the time frame. Hong Kong’s marine life and Chinese White Dolphins will be severely affected by this problem yet Highways Department and the Airport Authority refuse to address it and push the responsibility onto each other.



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