About “30 Third Runway Victims” Campaign

Why does the campaign Matter?

  • Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) has proposed to construct a third runway as an extension to the north of their current location. The expansion will be Hong Kong’s second largest reclamation project covering more than 650 hectares which will destroy the habitat of Chinese white dolphins forever. 
  • The dolphin abundance in Hong Kong has been rapidly decreasing during the past decade. Numbers have dropped from 158 in 2003 to only 41 in 2015 in western and northern Lantau waters. 
  • Dolphins in Hong Kong have been constantly facing numerous threats. Lately, their are already struggling to survive the adverse effects brought by the construction of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge.
  • The third runway project poses as another severe threat to Hong Kong’s dolphins whom are already fighting a seemingly losing battle of survival. 


What are the Campaign Goals?

  1. Raise public awareness  and concern for the dolphins in order to voice out the dolphins’ cries of help.
  2. Submit 10,000 comment forms to EPD & ACE regarding problems with the EIA report for HKIA’s third runway expansion project.
  3. Use public pressure to ensure the government and ACE members to hold the EIA report at a high standard and keep the dolphins’ best interest in mind.


Who are the Thirty Victims?

  • At least 45-50 dolphins are direct victims of the runway project as the proposed reclamation will destroy their habitat forever.
  • The dolphins’ cries cannot be heard and their loss is hardly considered during the development of this project. They need help from Hong Kong people to voice out their cries.
  • Researches have collected long-term data on every dolphin that has been seen in Hong Kong’s water. Information includes photo identification, life events (such as pregnancy and calving), tracking of movement pattern and range.
  • We selected 30 most affected Chinese white dolphins in attempt to inspire the general public of Hong Kong with their stories. The third runway expansion will destroy their home forever, and we hope that people can voice out their cries for them by submitting comment forms to EPD  during the 30 day window. The EIA report is open to public comments.