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  • 近日,有傳媒揭發,香港海洋公園為了應付日漸增多的旅客,增加每日海洋劇場次數,由本來的三場加至六場,令表演的海豚及海獅不勝負荷。此消息引起公眾關注,亦令不少市民反思,人工圈養海豚是否道德。有見及此,本學會現上載2010年印製的「海豚微笑背後的真相」小冊子內容供各位下載,希望讓更多市民了解及熟悉這個議題。
  • 為讓大家更深入認識中華白海豚此香港原居民,本會將2004年出版之「中華白海豚 - 香港的一顆明珠」原裝版本上載此網頁供各位下載﹗
  • In order to provide more in-depth information of Chinese White Dolphins in Hong Kong, HKDCS has uploaded the original PDF version of the 2004 publication "Chinese White Dolphin - The Pearl of Hong Kong" at this website for everyone to download (Chinese only)!
  • HKDCS is pleased to collaborate with Charitable Choice to raise fund for supporting our conservation effort for the dolphins. You can purchase a gift card for yourself or your friends/family members and they can redeem the face value of the gift card by making a donation to the list of charities (including HKDCS). Check this out and please help spread this message to your friends!
  • Have a look at the blogs of our summer interns to find out the internship experience at HKDCS!
  • We have uploaded our annual financial audit reports. All are welcomed to download these reports (2009 / 2010 / 2011) from here.
  • Click here to learn more about the past screenings of "The Cove" movie in Hong Kong, and download an educational booklet produced by HKDCS for the movie, to reveal the conservation messages behind the Japanese annual dolphin slaughter and its link to the captivity industry.


Who We Are ~ Established in December 2003, HKDCS is the only NGO dedicated to the conservation of whales, dolphins and porpoises of Hong Kong. 

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Research ~ Find out how HKDCS conducts research on dolphins and porpoises, as well as the society’s research internship programme and university student programme.

Media ~ Browse through our photo and video galleries of local cetaceans to appreciate their beauty, and learn more about them through our past issues of e-newsletter and news-clipping collection here.

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